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To become a volunteer coach you must sign a volunteer release form.   To submit your volunteer release form download it here or use the digital form below:

The Greater Berrien Springs Recreation Department recognizes that volunteers perform a vital role in supporting and promoting activities for the benefit of the participants. In order to ensure that all volunteers have the appropriate credentials and background to serve in that capacity with the GBSRD, volunteers are requested to abide by the GBSRD rules and sign a Volunteer Release Form as a condition of their participation in GBSRD sponsored activities.

First Name (required) Last Name (required) have offered my service as a volunteer to help the Greater Berrien Springs Recreation Department and hereby acknowledge and agree as follows:

1. I agree to abide by all relevant board policies and administrative guidelines while serving as a volunteer for the GBSRD. I understand that I am not covered under the GBSRD's liability insurance policy, nor am I eligible for worker"s compensations. Should I become ill or suffer an accident while doing volunteer work for the GBSRD, I agree that I shall be responsible for any and all hospital and medical charges that may accrue.

2. I understand further that, as a volunteer, I am not in any manner considered an employee of the GBSRD or entitled to any benefits provided to employees. I further release the Board of Recreation, individual Board members, its employees and agents from any and all liability for damages, which may result to me as a consequence of my volunteer services.

3. In order to endure the welfare and safety of participants, the GBSRD may conduct a criminal background check of certain members, and the Board has elected to require that volunteers verify their suitability to perform in that capacity. As a non-staff representative of the GBSRD, I support the mission of the Greater Berrien Springs Recreation Department. I verify that I have never been convicted of any of the following offenses: criminal sexual conduct in any degree, an attempt to commit criminal sexual conduct in any degree; felonious assalt; child abuse in any degree, an attempt to commit child abuse in any degree; cruelty, torture, or indecent exposure involving a child; or any violation contributing to the delinquency of a child, or a felony involving mortal turpitude.

At times I may have care, control or custody of participants other than my own child out of the direct supervision of a GBSRD staff member. I acknowledge that I am required to demonstrate appropriate decorum, judgement, and dress in my capacity as a volunteer.

I give my consent to the Greater Berrien Springs Recreation Department to obtain a criminal history record check to verify that I have never been convicted of the above offenses and my signature hereon indicates my consent thereto.

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By submitting this form I am with all statements on this form. I give consent for my my criminal background check performed by the Greater Berrien Springs Recreation Department.