Lil’ Rock Basketball Rules 2014


The Lil ‘Rock Basketball program is organized by the GBRSD to provide an opportunity for young people in grades 1-6 to have fun in team competition while developing basic basketball skills.

Six sessions are scheduled on Sunday afternoons during January and February. The first sessions is organized as a clinic where participants drill on basic skills. Players are divided into teams according to grade level and demonstrated abilities. Some age groups may be combined as co-ed, while others may be separated by gender (this is often dependent on participation turn out and having enough volunteer coaches). Games are scheduled for the final sessions. When possible, we will reserve the gyms on specific nights so that coaches can practice with their team with an emphasis on improving individual skills. Coaches are encouraged to practice 1 time per week—but it is not mandatory. Coaches are not to switch players from team to team. If a team is short players, a coach may use a registered participant from that age group on the opposing team.

Parents will serve as coaches and high school players or adults will be referees. It is important that the coaches and referees work cooperatively to develop an atmosphere of competition for the players that focuses on having fun, developing skills, and learning the rules of basketball.

The program will focus on the development of individual skills, sportsmanship and team play.

To schedule practices please contact the GBSRD office at 471-2732 or email Director Jon Rodriguez at Two teams may share the gym during practice times.



1. 8-minute quarters, running time. (May be shortened due to time constraints)
2. One minute between quarters; three minutes at half time.
3. Clock stops at mid-point of quarter for substitutions.
4. Clock stops during last two minutes of game while shooting free throws.
5. No time-outs except for injuries.
6. Coaches are responsible for keeping score.
7. 1st & 2nd boys will play on 7’6 ft rims with youth ball
3rd & 4th boys will play on 10 ft rim with 28.5 Ball (Girls Ball)
5th & 6th boys will play on 10ft rims with 29.5 Ball (Regulation Size)


1. Five players on court per team. (Dependent on size of teams, may be 4)
2. Substitute at mid-point of quarters. All players must play half of each quarter except for those penalized for fouling.
3. Coaches should rotate players for equitable playing time and match players against opponents of similar ability.


1. Man-to-man defense. Each player must guard his man except to stop the progress of an offensive player who is driving to the basket.
2. When a defensive player gets possession in the front-court the opposing team players must drop back across the mid-court mark and allow the opposing team to bring the ball into their front-court.
3. No full court press at any time.
4. No 3-second rule.
5. Shoot free throws on act-of-shooting fouls only. Take the ball out of bounds on all other fouls. Shoot 2 free throws on all fouls during the last two minutes of game.
6. Infractions such as double dribble, traveling, etc. will be more lenient for the youngest age group.
7. Stealing the ball in not permitted in the 1st-4th grade levels on the boys side.. Only the intercepting of a pass is a legal steal. This rule is to help emphasize the importance of moving your feet on defense.

The following should provide some consistency for officials:

1st and 2nd grade:
Each team will be allowed 3 infractions per half before the infraction will be considered a turnover. We will progressively call more infractions as season goes on.

3rd and 4th grade:
Each team will be allowed 2 infractions per half before the infraction will be considered a turnover. We will progressively call more infractions as season goes on

5th and 6th Grade:
During the first couple weeks of playing we will be a little lenient with some calls. As we progress, we will continue to be more strict with our calls.