These laws (rules) are patterned after the soccer laws written by the USSF (United States Soccer Federation). There have been some modifications and a few rules unique to our league.


The Ball

            A standard soccer ball is a size 5; this is used for divisions U-14 and up.  We will use a size 4 ball in divisions U-8 U-10 and U-12 and a size 3 ball is used in U6. The HOME team is responsible to supply a ball for the game.


Law 3 – The Number of Players


Division U-6 will play 5 v 5  and there will be one coach per team allowed on the field      during play.


Division U-8 will play 5 v 5 and there will be one coach per team allowed on the field during play.


Division U-10 will play 8 v 8 with one player as goalkeeper but coaches must remain off the         field.


Division U-12 will play 11 v 11 with one player as goalkeeper but coaches must remain off the field.

Divisions U-14 and up each team will consist of 11 players on the field, one of which must be the goalkeeper.


The goalkeeper will wear a jersey to distinguish themselves from all other players on the field.


Substitution procedure is as follows:

ALL subs being made during a goal kick or throw-in, MUST be at the half line and ready to enter the field prior to the time of substitution.

Either team may substitute an unlimited number of players;

a)                  Between periods or at the beginning of a half,

b)                  On a goal kick,

c)                  When play has stopped to attend to an injured player.

d)                 On a throw-in

Notes regarding substitutions:

e)                  No substitute, or anyone else, may enter the field without the referee permission.

f)                   During a penalty kick the only sub allowed is for an injured player. This substitute is NOT allowed to take the penalty kick.

g)                  If a player becomes unconscious, or apparently so, they shall not be allowed to play for the balance of the game.

h)                  If the game is stopped to attend to an injured player, that player MUST leave the field and cannot return until the next proper substitution opportunity.

i)                    Anytime a goalkeeper is replaced during a game, the new goalkeeper, or team captain, must report it to the referee.

j)                    There is no coaching allowed during an injury time in a game.


Coaches should prepare and provide to the referee a team roster. This should include a list of all players and their jersey number along with the coach and assistant coach names.

This should be given to the referee prior to the start of the match.


The Players Equipment

            Safety of the players is the primary concern for equipmentWhile there are pre-game inspections of players, it is the coaches responsibility to be sure players comply with the rules.

a)      Players are allowed to wear long pants UNDER their game shorts during inclement weather. Players doing so will NOT be allowed to slide tackle if used to gain an advantage. Any player doing so will be asked to leave the field and cannot return until they are no longer wearing long pants. A substitute is allowed and there is no caution given. Pants are considered long when the players knees are covered while the player is standing.

b)      Jean style shorts are not allowed.

c)      Players may wear a sweatshirt UNDER their game jersey if necessary. If there is a hood or strings, these must be tucked inside the jersey.

d)     Stocking hats are allowed but no tassels or pom poms. The goalkeeper is allowed to wear a baseball style cap for sun protection, if desired.

e)      Shin guards are required for all divisions.

f)       Knee socks are required for all players, with shin guards tucked inside.

g)      ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY  The only exception is for medical or religious medals which must be taped securely to the body. There is NO DEBATE on this issue!

h)      Leg or knee braces may be worn provided all hard surfaces are covered by one inch of soft padding or a manufactured sleeve for protection.

i)        Players wearing a cast may play providing they have a doctors written release for the referee AND the cast is covered by one inch of soft padding.

j)        Soccer shoes can have cleats no more than ½ inch in width and no more than ¾ inch in length. Molded turf shoes with multiple cleats are allowed. No cleats shall extend beyond the outer edge of the shoe. All cleats shall have rounded (not sharp) edges. NO baseball style of shoes are allowed, no exceptions! Soccer shoes do NOT have a toe cleat, baseball and football shoes will have these and cannot be used for play.

k)      Long hair should be pulled back from the face and may be held with a rubber band, scrunchie or ribbon.  No barrettes or other hard hair adornments are allowed.

l)        If glasses are to be worn it is recommended they have a safety strap on them. Play will not stop if a player looses their glasses.


The Referee

            We will use a solo referee in divisions 8 (when available) and in division 10.  We will use a dual system in other divisions.  There may be a 3-person system used in the U-16 & up divisions, which may include an assistant referee. There will be no referees for division 6, but they will have one coach per team on the field to monitor the game.

If there is no referee for a game the coaches may mutually decide on a parent to monitor the game, as a volunteer, from a pseudo-referee standpoint.


Law 6 – The Duration of the Game

The length of the game time for GBSSS games is as follows:

U- 6     4 quarters of 6 minutes each

U- 8     4 quarters of 10 minutes each